In-depth - A RYDER Remodel

The journey of a decades old ring and diamond studs; transformed into a truly memorable and sentimental piece.

Our client came to us with a collection of different pieces that she had held on to throughout the years, the most notable of these being her engagement ring which hadn’t been worn in more than a decade!

She was very eager to remodel them into something that was Art Deco inspired and would breathe new life into her old diamond pieces. Our challenge was to combine them seamlessly in a design that would not only highlight the unique beauty of these diamonds but also incorporate a cohesive Art Deco theme into the piece.


The initial concept 

As with all exciting new journeys, a little bit of consideration must be taken before the perfect path is chosen. You can see very clearly, the evolution from the initial sketch through to the final design that was submitted to our workshop. Even during the completion of the third sketch, we were making adjustments and ensuring the balance of the design was perfect.


It’s imperative for us that each piece is not only visually stunning, but also practical to wear everyday. We knew that this piece would be a challenge since we were going to be blending different diamond shapes into the one design. Because of this, we also wanted to take extra care in making sure that it would be comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Initially we made a wax mockup of the ring based on the exact specifications of the design. This was an important step as we realised that it would not be practical for everyday wear, the ring was simply too broad. We made the decision to remove the two smallest diamonds and replace them with much smaller ones; this allowed us to retain our design but make the ring much more comfortable on hand.

The result

The completed piece features the client’s original Emerald Cut diamond in the center, highlighted by the two Round Brilliant diamonds from her stud earrings. Each side of the ring is framed with an angular halo that includes baguette cut diamonds, a nod to the Art Deco inspiration behind the ring.

We absolutely adore how this design transformed into the final piece. It was a true labor of love but the effort involved to get it right is always completely worth it. The halo surrounding the diamonds is in perfect proportion, a delicate accent that ties the design together beautifully. The tiered structure of the ring adds angles and geometric form that further echo the rings’ vintage theme and makes the design seamless. My favorite detail of this design, although they’re not an obvious one, are the triangular diamonds added on the side of the ring, they are a lovely unexpected detail; something we always try to achieve! 


Advice to customers looking to do something similar

It is key to remember that even if you cannot envision a final design, we are here to help guide that process. As you can see with this particular design, there is a definite evolutionary process before arriving at something truly special and personalised. Our designers can guide your ideas and give suggestions to arrive at something perfect for you. We love helping you give your old pieces new life!

Get in touch with us if you have old jewellery that you would like remodelled.