March Bride, Jenya McGuigan

Hi, what’s your name?

Jenya McGuigan


Where/how did you and your husband meet?

In a dive bar in Hong Kong, as soon as I moved here 3.5 years ago, I came up to him to pick a fight, but instead we talked about uranium and still haven't had one..


Where/how did your husband propose?

In the garden of our very favorite Antonio's, located in the hilly countryside of the Philippines. It's a stunning colonial mansion restaurant that serves incredibly fresh and delicious European style fare and the garden is so Alice in Wonderland! We returned recently for the first time since our engagement there and now on their menu is McGuigan wine, we couldn't stop giggling :) 


Where were you married?

Luttrellstown Castle near Dublin, Ireland


What do you love most about your other half?

His beard


What does your Ryder Diamond wedding/engagement ring mean to you:

We designed Esmeralda (yes it has a name) together, it was our very first joint creative project and we had such a fun time with it! She is androgynous and sharp on the outside, dainty and feminize on the inside, they say it suits me. 


In three words, how would you describe yourself on your wedding day:

Princess in a Castle


Any advice you’d like to pass along to fellow brides?

Spend as much time with your new husband on the day, it goes by way too fast, take a step away from the crowd and just observe for a moment, look at the beauty of a party, and new family, you have created, ok i'm tearing up!!


Where are you going on honeymoon? 

Kenya, Botswana and South Africa


And finally, you hope your next Ryder Diamonds piece will be:

Giraffe shaped platinum studs!