2018 RYDER Experience



Contact one of our diamond consultants 

If you are based in Hong Kong, we would love to meet you for an initial consultation in our showroom on Queens Rd, Central. Before the meeting we’ll ask you some questions that will help us prepare some relevant information and diamonds to show you. During the meeting we’ll have some loose diamonds prepared and teach you how to view each diamond under a jewelers loupe. We’ll educate you on how to choose the best diamond for your design ideas and budget. You’ll also be able to see where your piece will be crafted by our expert jewelers.

If you are located outside of Hong Kong we aim to give you an experience as close as possible to meeting with us in person. Majority of our clients are based overseas. They trust in us to be their expert eye to choose their diamond on their behalf and guide them through the design and crafting process. Even though we may not meet in person, we feel that we get to know our clients overseas as if we’ve been acquaintances for years!


Designing & Sketching

 The bespoke nature of Ryder Diamonds means that anything is possible when it comes to designing your piece of jewellery. Our consultants will guide you through this process to bring design ideas together to create a truly unique piece. The design will be technically sketched for your approval before crafting begins.


Crafting by our master jewellers 

At Ryder Diamonds, our jewelers are onsite with our team, meaning that your piece is under the supervision of our designers during all stages of the crafting process. Each one of our jewelers is an expert in their part of the manufacturing process, resulting in a finely made piece of jewellery. If you are in Hong Kong we encourage you to come and see your piece mid production before diamonds are set. This will help you envisage how your customized piece is coming together. If you are located overseas we will send you photos so you too can see your piece coming to life.


Your customised diamond jewellery is ready for collection 

After approximately 5-6 weeks from starting the crafting of your piece it will be ready for your collection. We’ll be very excited to see you in our show room, otherwise, we can arrange quick and safe delivery to you anywhere in the world.


Premium after sales service

At Ryder, you are offered a premium after sales service to help you care for your diamond jewellery. With master craftsman on site, you have the opportunity to have your jewellery cleaned, settings checked and are also given advice on how to maximise the sparkle of your diamond every day.


A personal experience

Hand-drawn sketches, hand picked diamonds and hand crafted by the most talented jewellers. 


Ideas and Inspiration