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Ryder Diamonds was started out of my passion for the age old traditions of hand crafted jewellery and my desire to create an experience for people buying diamond jewellery. A diamond purchase is normally for a special occasion and our mission is to guide our customers through the journey of creating a special piece to commemorate that occasion.

At Ryder Diamonds we specialise in making diamond jewellery. Not the thin, transient mass produced types, but the lovingly hand made variety that are one of a kind and designed and crafted exclusively for you. Once you've felt for yourself the delicate art of hand craftsmanship and felt the weight and quality of a hand made piece you'll appreciate the value and treasure it for many years to come. 

Although the diamond usually accounts for the majority of the cost, the style, attention to design details and craftsmanship contribute more so to the overall beauty of a piece. We help our clients to understand the differences in quality and ensure that they buy a beautiful diamond that ticks all the boxes of our criteria for beauty and value for money, but where we really aim to stand out from the crowd is in offering our expertise to create a unique, one of kind, quality piece of work.

In this digital age of lasers and computers, hand crafting of diamond jewellery is a rarity. There are very few highly skilled master craftsman left, especially those with the talent to achieve the quality we strive for at Ryder Diamonds. We hand sketch our designs which look much more 'real' than computer generated images. The drawings are done 1:1 scale and our used by our jewellers to create the piece. We prefer not to do any casting, but rather start with a solid piece of gold or platinum that is hand worked and shaped to create the design. For the last decade we've worked hard to attract the best in the trade and are now well respected for the caliber of our team. Our 20+ master craftsmen have honed their skills over their lifetimes and sit onsite with the rest of our team, right in the heart of Central Hong Kong. Our customers are welcomed to come to our workshop and see the masters creating their own piece. Being intimately involved in the creative process gives our customers a unique sense of meaningful contribution and the end result a feeling of pride and ownership.

The gallery on this website showcases a selection of the collaborative works between our clients, our design consultants and our craftsmen. All these pieces began with ideas and came to life over the course of 5-6 weeks. The photos of the jewellery have not been altered by photoshop as we want to show off our pieces with their "real" beauty.

Pieces in the "shop" are part of our ready to wear, signature Ryder collection. They have all been made by hand to the same quality standards as our bespoke pieces. They make the perfect gift for those without time on their side to do a bespoke piece.


Please contact me at sally@ryderdiamonds.com or call us on +852 2805 2589 to being your journey with us.

 Sally Ryder



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