Diamonds & Care


  ***Ryder Diamonds specialises in all types of diamonds and is not limited to the featured diamonds above. 

Treat your diamonds well and they can last generations.  

 We recommend regular cleaning to revive the brilliance of your diamonds as well as checking for any knocks or damage to claws.   

Jewellery items are not indestructible and great care should be taken to avoid the loss or breaking of a diamond.   

Clean your jewellery by gently brushing it with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly

   Store your jewellery in its original case or carefully wrapped separately to prevent it from being scratched

 Jewellery may be damaged by impacts, so avoid wearing your jewellery during high-risk activities such as extreme sports 

If you need to transport your jewellery make sure its carefully packed and protected in its original case or travel pouch

  If you would like some special care drop your rings off with us for an extensive clean and polish.  They will look like new!

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