Diamonds & Care




The round brilliant is the most popular cut of diamond. It is the only diamond that is cut with numerical precision to have exceptional brilliance. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximised light return through the top of the diamond.

Round Brilliant

Oval diamonds are a modified brilliant-cut. The oval is an ideal choice for a customer who likes the look of a round diamond, but wants something more unique. Oval diamonds have an elongated shape, which can create the illusion of greater size.


The princess cut diamond is the most popular fancy cut diamond and is a relatively new diamond cut having been created in the 1960s. Their exquisite shape is designed for getting top brilliance from their square cut.


The cushion cut is an antique cut that has a marvellously romantic and classic look and definitely stands out from the crowd of round brilliants.


Old mine cushion cuts have a slightly curved edge and are not fully round. They were first developed in 18th century Europe and have a form resembling a soft square. Always featuring a small table they do come in a variety of facet patterns, a high crown, and larger culet.

Old Mine

As may be evident by the name, the "emerald cut" was originally developed for cutting emeralds, not diamonds. The trim lines of emerald cut diamonds lend an elegant, sophisticated feel to both the simplest and most elaborate ring settings.


The Radiant possesses the brilliance of a round cut diamond and the classic shape of an emerald diamond but with blocked corners. Clients that prefer an elongated shape that will lengthen a woman's finger but with the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond, the radiant might be a great match for you.


A combination of a round and a marquise shape, the pear, or teardrop as it is sometimes called, is a unique and feminine shape with one rounded and one pointed end that makes for a delicate and stunning choice.



Treat your diamonds well, and they will treat you well in return.


Jewellery items are not indestructible and great care should be taken to avoid the loss or breaking of a diamond. Jewellery may be damaged by impact, so avoid wearing your jewellery during high-risk activities such as extreme sports. If you need to transport your jewellery make sure its carefully packed and protected in its original case or travel pouch.


We advise the regular cleaning of your jewellery to revive the brilliance of your diamonds, as well as inspecting for any potential damage to claws, or stones.Clean your jewellery by gently brushing it with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly.


Store your jewellery in its original case or carefully wrapped separately to prevent it from being scratched.