Free Diamond Masterclass
Insider Secrets to Smart Diamond Buying

Diamond Masterclass - 17th May @10AM Hong Kong Time

If you've ever researched how to buy a diamond on the internet, you'll know how confusing all the information can be. How can two diamonds with the same grade be so differently priced? It doesn't make sense!

This webinar will take you into the illusive world of diamonds and expose insider secrets that the retail diamond industry doesn't want you to know. You'll learn the pitfalls to avoid and the top tips to buy smart.​​​​​​​

What the retail jewellers don’t want you to know!

How do you know if you’re overpaying for diamond jewellery? With a wealth of information available, it’s hard to know who to trust and accurately price the piece you want to buy.

In this exclusive Masterclass, founder and diamond expert Sally Ryder will share diamond industry insights and trade secrets to avoid common pitfalls and get the best value for money on your next diamond purchase.

In this Online Masterclass you will learn:

  1. The 4 Cs in diamond grading – and the most important C
  2. GIA certificates
  3. The real price of diamonds

About Sally Ryder

Here’s What People Are Saying about Ryder Diamonds

"Very highly recommended. Really amazing and enjoyable experience.

I wanted a completely bespoke design for my (now-) wife for her engagement and wedding rings so they had to be conceptualized, designed, drawn and built from scratch. I'd gone to three different jewellers (In Hong Kong and even Singapore) then I found Sally and Ryder Diamonds. They didn't bat an eyelid about my detailed request. In fact, they seemed just energized by the challenge.”

- Ranta J.

“Excellent service, innovative design and very good prices.

I had my engagement and wedding rings designed and made by Ryder Diamonds and they also redesigned and set an antique ring that I previously hardly ever wore and now wore almost every day. I am thrilled with the results. Much cheaper than anywhere else I looked, and really individualized service, taking you through every step of the process. Very happy customer."

- Nicola T.

“Every bespoke piece we have had made at Ryder Diamonds was more special than we could have imagined...

We are not diamond experts, so it was excellent having expert advice from Ryder Diamonds to help us find perfect places, but also give advice for engraving or special details to make each piece our own. Unrivalled before and after service...”

- Emma L.

Take our FREE Masterclass for a glimpse into the illusive world of diamonds. Learn how to avoid the overpriced luxury retailers and empower yourself to be a smart diamond buyer.