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The RYDER Experience

We help you design the perfect ring for your loved one.

Diamond Sourcing

One of the most important components of the process is selecting the right stone for you. Located in Hong Kong, the diamond epicentre of the world, we have built lasting relationships with the best and most respected diamond suppliers. This allows us access to some of the rarest and most beautiful stones in the world.

Diamond Selection

Unlike most jewellers, we first source the stone, and then create the piece around its unique beauty, ensuring that we only purchase from trusted, ethical suppliers.

Design Development

Every Ryder piece is hand drawn and handcrafted in consultation with our clients. Proportion and balance is never compromised, as we draw each sketch to scale. Once agreed to by both parties, the jewel then proceeds to the crafting stage.



Our workshop is located in our studio. This allows for our design team and on-site craftsman to have open communication. This fluid conversation between both parties allows for a seamless transition for the piece to be brought to form.


Like any piece of art, the frame in which it is placed is just as important as the masterpiece itself. This stage sees the piece in its raw metal form before the diamonds are set. The art of setting stones provides the final finish to the masterpiece.


As finishing touches are bestowed upon each creation, measures to ensure its endurance and the protection of its diamonds are placed, allowing for a piece that is ready to be worn and loved.