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Meet our design and administration team at Ryder. Each one of of us is committed to making beautiful jewellery and giving our customers exceptional service. Our workshop houses more than 20 master jewellers and is located on the floor right below our boutique. We're a hidden Gem, right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. We welcome you to come and meet us and take a tour of our amazing workshop, dedicated to the dying art of hand crafted fine diamond jewellery.




How did you get into the jewellery industry?

While I was a university student I worked part time at the Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne. It was here that I learnt that our clients really had to put their trust in us as salespeople to help them choose their diamond as most people don't know much about them. I decided to study diamonds at the GAA so that I could confidently advise my clients on how to choose a diamond that best suited their requirements. Through working at a retail diamond company it became apparent just how important quality of craftsmanship was in the jewellery making process. Even the most beautiful diamond can be let down by poor design and craftsmanship. I saw an opportunity to create a business offering expert advise, creative design and superb craftsmanship. The ethos of our business is trust, value and quality.

What are your qualifications?

I have a double degree in finance and arts and a certificate from the Gemological Association of Australia. In 2006 I did a jewellery design course through the Asian Gemological Institute and Laboratory. Most of my knowledge in diamonds and design has come from hands on experience working with diamonds and clients over the past 15+ years.

How long have you been in the industry?

I started out my business before I moved to Hong Kong in 2005. My first client, a colleague of mine from ANZ Investment Bank bought his engagement ring from me in 2003 recently purchased a "push present" for the arrival of his third baby!

Will you expand beyond Hong Kong?

We already service clients globally. Although we don't have the chance to meet many of our clients in person, we still aim to give them a very interactive experience and personal touch. I honestly feel that I get to know my clients as friends through the process of working together to create their special piece.
My dream is to someday be based in Australia whist running the business out of Hong Kong. Our competitive advantage is definitely in the skill of our craftsmen and being located in Hong Kong which is a hub for diamond trading. There really isn't any better place in the world to be creating diamond jewellery.  

What makes your business unique in the market and what is Ryder Diamonds' specialty? Why your brand over your competitors?

Experts in diamonds, experts in design, experts in craftsmanship; at a competitive price. It's rare to get an experience so personal as the one we provide. All of our consultants are experts in diamonds..rather than just being a sales person behind a retail counter. Our consultants provide a truly personalised service and hold the clients hand through the entire process from start to finish. Most of our clients don't know much about diamonds so they trust in our expertise to make sure they have a gorgeous diamond in a beautiful setting, all within their budget. We aim to make the journey an exciting one for our clients by guiding them through the process to create something very personal and unique.

Who are the people at Ryder Diamonds?

We have the best team around. Our staff is what makes our business amazing. Sylvie has been with us almost from the beginning. Her experience makes her very confident in her ability to read her clients and offer them great advise. We couldn't live without Marilyn and Jennifer, they support all of our clients and make sure they're taken care of once their piece is in production. Neroulina oversees the administration and keeps everyone in check! Our consultants and designers, Natasha, Katie, Raphaelle, Winnie and Melissa keep impressing me with the fantastic designs they're doing for their clients. The workshop team is over 20 people now. They're the most talented artisans who are dedicated to this craft..a truly dying art. Meagan, the production manager in the workshop has been with us for 8 years now and without her, we'd be lost. I'm so thankful for all these brilliant people who all come together to produce an outstanding product for our clients.

What should people look for when buying diamonds?

No two diamonds are the same, even for the same certificate grade. You should buy from someone you can trust, who are experts in diamonds and can choose a diamond for you that ticks all the boxes of what appeals to you in terms of quality and price. If you can't see the diamond in person before you purchase, let your diamond dealer be your eyes to choose the perfect stone. For engagement rings, I would only ever recommend a diamond that is eye clean. You should compromise on quality to a certain extent to make the diamond good value for money. It takes a trained diamond expert to know the difference between a good and an average diamond. Your dealer should know the difference and only recommend the best.

What advice can you give to a customer buying diamonds?

The diamond is one thing that will consume the majority of your budget but in my opinion, the crafting and design count for more to produce an outstanding piece of jewellery. Choose a jeweler that you know is excellent and has the skill and technology to produce beautiful work. Hint hint ;) you know who to contact!!

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What's the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of my job is to work on vintage and unique designs. It is always an exhilarating experience starting from a loose diamond and seeing it developing into a beautiful unique piece of jewellery.

Who is your most memorable client?

My favourite client experience was to help creating a vintage art deco Black diamond ring for an anniversary present. My client Mark approached me saying he wanted to surprise his wife with a Black Diamond. She gave him a few hints about designs she liked which was forwarded to me. Thankfully, Mark gave me a few months notice as it was a real challenge to source a perfectly shaped Black Diamond with limited visible inclusions and then pair it with perfectly matched tapered baguette and trapeze cut diamonds. Together we designed a vintage art deco style ring which I knew she would absolutely love. His feedback was to say that Linda was "over the moon" would be an insult to the moon. 

If money was no object, what would your engagement ring look like?

If I could upgrade my engagement ring (which I love very much) to anything else. I would go for a large Old Mine Cushion set in French claws and fine tapered baguettes.

What advice can you give to a client looking to buy diamonds?

The most important factor when you are in the market for an engagement ring is to go to a trusted jeweler that will have only your best interest in mind. It shouldn't be a scary experience to buy a diamond, it should be quite the opposite. It is probably the most exciting purchase you will ever make.

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What's the favourite part of your job?

Working in a nice environment makes my life bright like a diamond everyday! Haha.

Who's your most memorable client?

We made a ring with a “huge" diamond for a really young man. Good on him!!

If you could have any type of engagement ring what would it look like?

Uhmmm! No restraint! I would like to be involved in the process of designing my own ring. I love a cushion cut diamond with a brilliant cut halo.

What is the one of the most important thing you think a man should consider when buying an engagement ring?

He should remember that an engagement ring is very special to his girlfriend - just like a new car would be to him! He should do his research on the 4cs and put some effort into thinking about her style to design a unique ring.





What do you find most satisfying about your job? 

Bringing people happiness :)

Who is your most memorable client? 

I actually really enjoy working with every client as each job is different but once there was a client who was really interested and trusted in our company, diamond expertise, design and craftsmanship so it was a real pleasure to work with him.

If you could design your dream engagement ring..what would it look like?

Good question I change my mind every time we make a new beautiful ring! 

What do you think is one of the most important things someone should know about custom designing diamond jewellery? 

That we are we here as the experts to guide them through this exciting process!

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What do you find most satisfying about your job? 

Each and every time a piece of jewellery is finished no matter what the design and I see the excitement in my client's eyes (and sometimes tears) I couldn't be happier. Working with clients to design and craft stunning pieces of jewellery couldn't be more satisfying and the fact that every client's needs are unique makes my job truly satisfying. 

Who is your most memorable client? 

My most memorable client would have to be a gentleman who came into purchase an engagement ring for his partner but he wanted to it to be a complete surprise. He really did not know what he wanted but working within his budget we were able to craft a stunning bespoke solitaire engagement ring set with a 2.38ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. It was however the way my client proposed that blew me away and made him my most memorable client - he proposed 20 feet under water when he was out diving with his partner in the Philippines. He had the whole proposal videoed under water and he used cue cards to propose as he wasn't able to speak due to wearing a diving regulator. I was able to watch the video which made it even the more special as it made me feel part of the whole engagement process from conception to completion and of course she said YES! 

If you could design your own engagement ring, with no budget constraints, what would it look like?

If there really was absolutely no budget constraint I would love an engagement ring like Kate Moss' which is a 5ct Cushion Cut diamond bezel set in Platinum with many small round brilliant cut diamonds in the band. One of my other favorite cut of diamonds is the Oval shape diamond. My ring would have an oval diamond around 3ct set with a double halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and a split band also set with small round brilliant diamonds. 

What do you think is one of the most important things someone should know about custom designing diamond jewellery? 

One of the most important things a client should know about custom designing diamond jewelry is understanding that every piece goes through its own unique journey.  From the designing to the crafting process to the completion of the piece this journey takes time given all our pieces are bespoke and are hand made.  Our top skilled workmen work tirelessly on every piece to make them to the highest of quality, with some pieces being quite challenging and this is something that can not be rushed.  

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Tell us about your experience

I have spent the last 15 years working in the   marketing and advertising world. Working on such prestigious brands as Toyota Australia, St.George Bank, RSPCA, Audi Australia, Volkswagen, Tourism Queensland and Energex just to name a   few. My passion has always been to work in a     creative environment producing world class work. 

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

I absolutely love the design process here at Ryder Diamonds. Seeing a piece of jewellery go through the bespoke crafting process from the initial consultation phase, into then sourcing the perfect stone, arriving at the perfect sketch and then see it come to life in the workshop is incredibly satisfying. And of course seeing a beaming smile on my clients face when presented with the end result is the best feeling!

What do you think is important to understand about the bespoke process?The most important part of the bespoke process that it is critical for our clients to understand is that they need to be open to the creative process. Our jewellery is all handcrafted so whilst we work as closely as possible to the approved sketch the nature of hand crafting is there may be slight variations in the end product.

What would your ideal engagement ring look like?

Every time I see a ring come out of the workshop I change my mind but I am particularly fond of an oval cut diamond with a wall set diamond halo and band.

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What do you find most satisfying about your job? 

I find all aspects of my job satisfying but most of all I love being able to work directly with our product.  I can honestly say that diamonds do put a smile on my face.

 Who is your most memorable client?

All client's are memorable, they all have attributes and stories about them that make them unique.

If you could design your dream engagement ring with no budget constraint..what would it look like?

 It would have to either be an Asscher or Emerald cut diamond as the centre stone with tapered baguettes on either side.  I absolutely adore Grace Kelly's engagement ring.

What do you think is the most important thing someone should know about custom designing diamond jewellery? 

The most important thing that someone shopping for a handmade bespoke piece of jewellery should be aware of is that it takes time to craft.  The pieces that are produced in our workshop are unique and all handcrafted which sets us apart from other retailers.








Tell us about your experience


I am a GIA Graduate in Diamonds and Coloured Stones from New York.  I came back to Hong Kong and worked at the IGI laboratory as a diamond grader before joining Ryder Diamonds.

What do you like most about working in the industry?

I love looking at diamonds everyday and creating a unique special piece tailored to the Client's taste.

What do you think is important to understand about the bespoke process?

I came to realise that the most important part of the process is the design.  Small changes can give a very different look to a piece.

What shape of diamond would you choose as your own engagement diamond?

There are so many shapes that I love, but I thinking I would go for a rectangular cushion shape.

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Tell us about your experience?

After having graduated in History of Art and Law at la Sorbonne, Paris, I trained to become an auctioneer and worked in various auction houses in Paris. I then obtained my gemology certification at the ING, Paris followed by work experience with antique jewellery and diamond dealers in Paris. Afterwards I moved to London and worked as a jewellery valuer for an asset lender.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

I love dealing with jewellery. The creative dimension of my position at Ryder diamonds is new to me and I really enjoy it.

What do you think is important to understand about the bespoke process?

Design and craftsmanship are key.

What would your ideal engagement ring look like?

An Art Deco style sapphire and diamond ring, with a cushion sapphire shouldered by a trillion cut diamond on each side.

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Tell us about your experience?

I worked as a secretary for another diamond company before joining Ryder Diamonds.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

Everyday is a challenge and exciting. I love to    meet different kinds of people everyday and the office is busy with people. 
Seeing a diamond being made into a beautiful piece of jewellery step by step in the workshop is wonderful.

What do you think is important to understand about the bespoke process?

I think it is to understand the client’s needs, the diamond shape, budget and design.

What would your ideal engagement ring look like?

For my ideal engagement ring, I prefer elegant , solitaire ring with simple design. 

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