Don’t make this (way too common) ring-buying mistake

Let’s talk about the elephant in the jewellery store. When it comes to your engagement ring, you might be focusing on the wrong thing.

You know that the one thing you’ve got to get right is the diamond… Right?

Look, yes. But also, no. Let me explain...

When it comes to creating an heirloom-worthy bespoke engagement ring, I believe it’s about balance. Yes, you need the ideal diamond for your ring but more important than even the diamond itself is the design quality and craftmanship.

If I got a penny for every time I’d seen the brilliance of a gorgeous diamond destroyed by poor craftmanship … well, let’s just say that I’d definitely have enough money to buy myself a collection of killer sparklers.

What many big brands don’t tell you about diamond engagement rings is that yes, the quality of the diamond will consume the majority of the budget, but the design and craftmanship will create the majority of the style and swoon factor.

A poorly made or poorly designed setting will make even the most expensive and beautiful diamond look mediocre and cheap. On the flip side, you can make a less brilliant diamond look amazing in a gorgeous design. Thus, design first, diamond second.

So, before you even worry about the size and sparkle of your diamond, make sure you invest in quality design and craftmanship.

Did you know, in handcrafting, the skill of the jeweller directly translates into the beauty of the finished piece. And the skill of our talented Master Craftsman is unparalleled. Just saying! 😉

A simple formula I’ve come up with to help you decide whether craftmanship matters for you is this: If the cost of making your ring is less than 20% of the total cost of your piece, it’s 100% warranted to use top quality hand-craftmanship.

This will make all the difference to the beauty of your bespoke engagement ring!

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