Handcrafted by skilled master craftsmen

Our passion for fine craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do at Ryder. The pursuit of perfection in design and craftsmanship is the key to beautiful jewellery. Hong Kong has a rich history for skilled mastery in jewellery craftsmanship, which today is a dying art. We are very lucky at Ryder to have some of the very best Sifu in our own on-site Ryder studio. Our designers and Sifu sit side by side, allowing for seamless integration throughout the crafting process. For more information about designing your bespoke handmade piece, please visit our Bespoke Experience page for details.

Once you feel the weight and see the quality of a beautifully handmade piece, you'll appreciate the Ryder difference.

 Sally Ryder
Ryder Diamonds - Craftsmanship Process Ryder Diamonds - Craftsmanship Process