July Bride, Karen King (Martin)

60 seconds with a Ryder Bride
Hi! What's your name?
Karen King (Martin) 
Ryder Bride_Karen King

Where do you live?

Hong Kong 

Where are you from?

Where/how did you and your husband meet?


Where were you married?
Lake Como, Italy

Ryder Diamonds Bride_Lake Como

Where/how did your husband propose?
In the swimming Pool at the Mandarin Oriental - the manger kindly arranged for it to be empty. My husband is actually very romantic but I was heavily pregnant so his options were a little limited, we spent many hours training for triathlons so the pool was a place we spent a lot of time together.   

What does your Ryder Diamond wedding/engagement ring mean to you?

They are absolutely stunning and I love them. Sally was so incredible, I ended up having my baby 5 weeks early and was stuck at home she did everything from my flat, the whole process was so personal and her recommendations were spot on. 

In three words, how would you describe yourself on your wedding day?

Excited, Happy and HOT 

Did you have a honeymoon? If so, where?
Lake Como, Italy.

Ryder Wedding Lake Como

And finally, you hope your next Ryder Diamonds piece will be?