Ryder Bride of the Month: Imogen

Where are you and your fiancé from?

I am from Australia and Alvaro is from Bolivia. 

Where did you both meet?

We met on Bumble in 2017. Our initial date had been postponed a few times, but I suppose we were meant to meet.

Ryder Bride Imogen

Why did you choose Ryder to help with your engagement ring?

 Sally and I actually met at university in Melbourne - we were both studying German. That was over 20 years ago. I remember when Sally first started selling diamonds. Over the years it has been incredible to see her business go from strength to strength. There was never any question I would go anywhere else for my engagement ring.

Ryder Bride Imogen Oval Engagement Ring

What was your favourite part of the experience with Ryder?

It was just so easy. Sally took such great care of us from design through to delivery. I really had no idea what I wanted in a ring, but Sally was able to guide me through the process making it seamless and enjoyable.

Where and when do you plan to get married?

We plan to get married in 2023, in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia. 

What advice do you have to future couples when designing their own engagement ring?

Enjoy the process. It is such a special and exciting time. Also, be upfront about your budget. There are so many alternatives to get you the ring of your dreams. I know Sally will always work to get you the best possible.