My very own engagement ring proposal story

My first blog is going to be about my own engagement story. I have to hand it to my now husband...he nailed it. I was so surprised by my proposal and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now. It was so romantic and seriously beautiful that I have to pinch myself to realise that I'm not dreaming and that it really did happen!

Both Shane and I work really hard and I'd planned a well deserved break to Phuket for a long weekend. At a friends suggestion I'd booked the Surin which was so lush. I had noticed that Shane had packed a bottle of champagne..which gave me a sneaking suspicion that something special may happen. 

On our second evening at the Surin Shane suggested it may be nice to go and have dinner on the beach. He opened the bottle of champagne before we went to dinner. It was the decoy bottle!! He deliberately opened it in the room so that I wouldn't suspect anything at dinner. Smart worked. I had no idea. 

We walked down all the steps of the Surin towards the beach. I saw the twinkling of lights in the sand and told Shane someone must be having a party down there. When we got closer I saw a single table on the beach surrounded by 100 candles. It was then that the penny dropped and my legs went to jelly. I started shaking as we walked on the sand. I couldn't stop the tears. As the sun was setting over the beach and the full moon was rising it was a scene that I thought only happened in the movies. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 

We had our delicious dinner on our private table and deserted beach. Then the real bottle of champagne arrived and Shane got down on one knee and open a little box in front of me. I was a blubbering mess! Asking a girl who designs diamond engagement rings for a living to marry him with a diamond ring takes a lot of courage. He had definitely done the right thing and proposed with a stand in ring which he'd bought in the lanes of Hong Kong. What a guy. He told me he'd love me to design my own diamond ring..with his help of course!

Next blog will be about the process of designing my own diamond engagement ring....stay tuned!!