April Ryder Bride, Nicola Taylor

60 seconds with April Ryder Bride, Nicola Taylor


Nicola Taylor.

Where do you live:

In a flat in Stanley Market, overlooking the sea.

Where are you from:

Bristol, in the UK. Coincidentally, my husband is from there too.

Where/how did you and your husband meet:

Funnily enough, we were both living in Hong Kong and met by chance in a pub in our hometown, Bristol, when we both happened to be back visiting our families. It was fate!

Where were you married:

We were married just after Christmas in an ancient church outside Bristol, and then held the party next door at a beautiful castle. Henry VIII stayed there with his queen Anne Boleyn nearly 500 years ago, so we were in good company (although I hope our marriage fares better than theirs)!

Where/how did your husband propose:

I had just finished a challenging ultra marathon across the deserts of Jordan, and he proposed to me overlooking the spectacular Treasury building in Petra. If a guy can embrace you when you haven't showered for seven days, then he's definitely a keeper.

What does your Ryder Diamond wedding/engagement ring mean to you:

I think that it is my most prized possession. My husband designed it and I love that he kept it quite simple; the diamond is the real star.

In three words, how would you describe yourself on your wedding day:

'Stupidly happy' sums it up in two.

Did you have a honeymoon? If so, where:

We had a private villa with our own pool for two whole, luxurious, weeks in Bali. My husband had never been to Bali before; we loved it so much that we've been back three times since then.

And finally, you hope your next Ryder Diamonds piece will be:

I have actually just commissioned a ring as a present to myself for my 40th birthday. I already had some diamonds from another piece, and Sally and the Ryder Diamonds team created a beautiful new design that I can't wait to see!