A Solitaire Story

RYDER Designer, Charlotte Rifa shares the story of her client's journey, bringing a beautiful round brilliant cut diamond to life in a simple yet timeless setting.

My client had already been married for 10+ years. Having recently sold his company, he wanted to gift his wife with an upgrade of her engagement ring. He is a smart guy and values quality, so he came to Ryder for our expertise in design and fine craftsmanship, but also for a competitive price on a diamond. He'd done his research and was well educated on the 4Cs but he was also glad to be guided by us on how to balance these characteristics to achieve a beautiful diamond that is also well priced. I was able to find an amazing diamond from Israel that was just under 4ct that has incredible fire and brilliance. It was a stone that stood out from the crowd, the perfect center piece for this magnificent ring.


The Design:

The priority was to have the diamond as the focus of the design. We didn't want to over complicate things and still wanted a timeless and classic design, but also wanted something different from the ubiquitous 6 claw crown setting.

Given the small finger size of his wife and relatively large diamond size, we needed the design to be comfortable and practical to wear on a daily basis. I encouraged my client to consider a 4 claw style as the basket allows the diamond to sit low on the finger. We used a French (double) claw which allows the claws to be fine and delicate, yet securely holds the diamond. The result; a beautifully elegant ring that is contemporary and shows off the diamond to its' full potential.




Mastery, On-site:

Once the design ideas were confirmed with my client, our artist then technically draws the ring by hand. The sketch is later given as a keepsake together with the completed ring. Our master craftsmen start their work by bending and shaping solid bars of gold. We are in love with the age old ways of how fine jewellery is traditionally made. No moulds or casts in sight, all of our jewellery is 100% made by the hands of our masters. Their skills and experience are what creates truly beautiful works of art. Communication with our master jewellers throughout the entire process is an important part of my job, and Ryder's on-site workshop enables me to follow the journey closely with the utmost care and precision.





The Final Reveal:

After four weeks in the workshop, we were delighted to see the finished piece. It looked magnificent and has a solid and weighty feel, only achievable through quality craftsmanship. Just as importantly, the ring was ready for the planned Easter holiday RE-proposal! I was thrilled to have been a part of this exciting project with my client and feel privileged to have shared these precious memories with him.




The Designer - Charlotte Rifa:

There is something special about being a part of the creative journey for a piece of bespoke jewellery.  At Ryder, we have a style that is unique and our own, developed over decades of perfecting our art. I have always been passionate about jewellery and the meaning they have in people's lives. It brings me great joy to be a part of these stories and to see imagination turned into wearable treasures.

To contact Charlotte and start your own journey with her, please contact her at Charlotte@ryderdiamonds.com

Behind The Scenes Video: 

Take a behind-the-scenes look of the sourcing and setting stages of this magnificent ring.