Make Your Friends Green with Envy

Columbian Emerald diamond ring, our first offer of the new year and it's a stunner!

Emeralds have been the standard for beautiful green hues among coloured stones for thousands of years and feature heavily throughout the ages as a symbol of status and royalty. Colombian Emeralds are known globally for their unmatchable quality and this beautiful cocktail ring features a stunning example of this exclusive, precious gemstone. 

Set with a centre stone of 0.80ct Natural Colombian Emerald and two GIA certified round brilliant cut diamonds this original Ryder design is inspired by the Art Deco period.  


Colombian Heritage

Colombian Emeralds are said to be the purest emeralds in the world due to Colombia’s emerald deposits being one of the only ones on earth found in sedimentary host rocks, rather than igneous rock. Colombian Emeralds currently make up approximately 50% of the world’s emerald market and are prized for their mesmerising green hue making them highly sought-after by celebrities and royal families over the years. 

Make it your own

Make your friends green with envy with this truly one-of-a-kind designer piece of jewellery. 




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