Prices of Diamonds are going up

For the fourth time this year, diamond prices have increased yet again.

Wondering what’s happening in the diamond market? You’re not alone – and it’s already been an eventful year! 

Which is why we have invested our time in crafting a Ryder Report for you. This bite-sized bulletin will give you the key inside diamond industry insights you need to continue making informed decisions. 

The highlights

  • Since July 2020 there has been an 8% increase in the cost of diamonds. For a visual, have a peek at the graph we’ve included below and the also refer to the Bloomberg footage by clicking HERE.
  • There remains a high demand for round diamonds and fancy colour diamonds.
  • Industry experts believe this upward trend will continue with diamond prices increasing beyond 2023. 

What does this mean for you?

  • If you’re ready to invest in your bespoke jewellery, now is the perfect time to take advantage of your industry intelligence and create your dream masterpiece before prices swell. 
  • We proudly remain your partner for competitively priced diamonds paired with unparalleled handmade craftmanship. 
  • As always, you can trust us to harness our unique industry expertise, experience and insights to source the perfect stone for your dream piece. 

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