Trillions for my wife

Our Creative Director, Mario Jutronic, recently celebrated an important wedding anniversary. Read about why he choose one of the most uncommon diamond shapes to create stud earrings for his wife. 


As the Creative Director of Ryder Diamonds, I am always looking for ways to showcase the unique way we create and do business at Ryder. The "journey" at Ryder is much more of a collaborative approach between client and designer. There is a heavy focus on education and it is a highly personalised experience you will not receive anywhere else. Even though I work for Ryder, my experience was no different and I am very happy with my final creation.

Being a career creative, it’s part of my nature to have an eye for fine detail and creating images that have a striking visual impact; these traits have inevitably transferred into my personal buying habits. This August marked my 5th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife and it was about time I gifted her with diamond earrings.  


The Original

When you think diamond earrings you immediately think of the classic, elegant, Round Brilliant studs, especially as a first diamond earring purchase. For this occasion however, I did want to challenge myself and see if there was something a bit more unusual available.

Princess and Cushion cuts were not pushing the envelope far enough, so I ventured further and discovered the use of Trillion shaped diamonds; triangular in shape with a brilliant cut, giving them excellent fire and sparkle. I searched online for photos of them set in studs and it became apparent that they were not commonly used, which immediately made them more appealing.

Diamonds, no matter what cut, are always special but when I came across a shape that resonated with me, was not typically mainstream and also looked great, it definitely made the process more exciting. The rarity of the design and the difficult search involved in locating a matching pair of Trillion diamonds was worth much more to me than the simple monetary value of the earrings. I knew these would be the perfect fit for my wife’s first diamond earrings as they were personalised, well thought out and unique; the key I believe, to any great gift.

My Choice

I ended up selecting a matching pair of .50ct F VS2 stones. You might feel that the carat weight would appear quite small on the ear however the Trillion is the perfect cut to achieve the illusion of size. The three-sides lend a far greater impact when worn, making the diamonds appear substantially larger than their carat weight. This has to do with the way the diamond is cut to achieve its shape. The Trillion cut is shallow with a large table as opposed to the Round Brilliant that is cut with a greater depth and carries more weight underneath the table.

Below you can see comparisons of a .50ct Trillion and a 1.00ct Round Brilliant. The Round Brilliant is carrying twice the carat weight than the Trillion, whilst both have a similar visual impact.



Patience is key!

When you are searching for a cut that is not common, it does take time to locate the correct stone, especially when sourcing a perfectly matching pair. Trillions are not easy to locate to begin with but a matching pair added to the difficulty. This is primarily due to the low supply of this cut on the market, but this shouldn't deter anyone, it only cemented my confidence that I had made the correct decision in acquiring something that would be unique to my wife and gives her a greater sense of ownership.



Final Thoughts

This post is not to discount the value and beauty of the classic Round Brilliant, a shape universally synonymous with the diamond earring and something every woman should have in her collection. I could not however resist these Trillions and am confident I have created something that my wife will love for years to come. 


I hope you found this information useful and it inspires you to go out and create something unique and beautiful of your own. If you are interested in buying a pair of Trillion stud earrings for your loved one or to add to your own collection please get in-touch with us;