The One and Only Thirtieth to Remember in Life with Ryder Diamonds

Often, it’s the stories that make those milestones in life memorable. Whether it be for a special occasion such as a job promotion, a graduation or anniversary or simply to celebrate a special someone the journey of gifting can really make it worthwhile. 

This is one of our favorites here at Ryder Diamonds that we felt compelled to share with you! 

Michael definitely made sure that his partner Kate’s thirtieth was one she would never forget! The thirtieth milestone can seem daunting for some of us as one reflects on a decade of life marked by significant change. However what best way to start a new decade than with your special someone and an unexpected twist? 

Indeed, not only did Michael carefully pick a chic and timeless piece of jewellery for his partner, he also made sure to make the reveal suspenseful and playful for both of them!  

Michael was already off to a great start by choosing to gift Kate with something on every girl’s wish list - a classic pair of Ryder 40pt diamond stud earrings in white gold setting. These elegant earrings can be worn to bring an everyday outfit to the next level as well as to compliment an evening or cocktail wear. 

To add a playful twist to his gift, he decided to add an extra layer to the Ryder wrapping…This was without a doubt completely and utterly unique, and here in the Ryder studio completely unheard of! 


As you can see, Michael embedded the Ryder gift box, complete with satin bow inside a large block of ice as a first step. Second, he then handed over a pick and chisel to Kate - making her mine and discover the diamond studs for herself!  

We can only imagine the excitement of this reveal on both ends: Michael observing Kate’s reaction as she went through the unwrapping of the different layers of her gift and Kate’s growing smile as she was getting closer to the grand finale. 



As Michael later confided: ‘She knew there was obviously diamonds in the box when she saw it…what you don’t see is the hammer and chisel chipping away to open it up…gotta earn your diamonds!’    

Want to get her a gift she will love? The link to our classic studs is here– for a unique experience you can schedule an appointment to our showroom and discover our team, workshop and selection process. 

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The memorable story on how you give away diamonds is up to you! It always brings us great joy to hear about those stories. Stay tuned for our latest proposal stories by reading more from our Ryder Lovers blog section.