Ryder’s Inside Look Into 5 Jewellery Trends For 2020

Are you planning on saying “yes” this year? Or will you be congratulating yourself by purchasing a diamond for the very first time or adding to your already existing collection? No matter the occasion, if you are seeking to glam up your outfit and create timeless memories, diamonds never disappoint.

With such a wide array of diamond shapes available, it's easy to find one perfectly suited to your personality & style. Whether it be a beautiful pair of earrings, a chic pendant, a glamorous bangle or a ring, these statement pieces will make you shine (bright like a diamond!). We have pinpointed below some of the top diamond jewellery trends for 2020 so you do not have to second guess the pieces you’ve had your eye on recently!

1. Colourful Stones & Diamonds

Say goodbye to the gloomy winter weather and brighten up your look for spring by opting for colourful stones in various hues. There is nothing better than a pop of colour to add energy to your everyday outfit and welcome the sunnier days ahead. Whether it be sapphires in tones of pink or blue, green emeralds, or pigeon blood rubies, the toughest decision for you will be choosing what your favourite colour and the story you want to tell- just let our talented expert design team do the rest!

Although white diamonds are the symbol for love and purity, there are other options as well if you want to change the rules! However, coloured stones always look more expensive when they're set in jewellery accented by diamonds.




2. A Vintage Look

Going back in time is where jewellery lovers are finding their inspiration. Using designs from the past with a Victorian, Renaissance or even Art Deco style, evokes a romantic mood from a bygone era. The newest design to Ryder's collection, the Renaissance ring is made with a modification to the beautiful old mine cut diamond. From old to new, this cut is exclusive to Ryder Diamonds and has not been seen yet in any other collection of jewellery worldwide. This unique cutting can also be found in our Renaissance earrings. Be one of the first to travel back in time and experience this exclusive new cut for that vintage sparkle!


3. The Reign of Silver Colour

Silver often plays second favorite to another precious metal, gold, because it requires more care and tarnishes overtime. For those of you who like the silver aesthetic, Ryder has chosen to use white gold in their Ready to Wear collection. White gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold, other white metals and a rhodium plating, giving it a brilliant white appearance similar to that of a silver piece. Ranging from statement pieces, to something a little more delicate, in classic shapes or contemporary designs, there are plenty of options to choose from in our Ready to Wear collection.


4Micro Pave Rings

Derived from the French word Pavé, pave refers to a technique of setting diamonds so that no metal is visible. Using a micro pave setting on diamond rings means these diamonds are encrusted not only on the band of the ring but also beneath the center gem or around it to give your ring that extra sparkle.

Over the last few decades Ryder has developed their own unique pave setting style which can be seen in the Ryder signature eternity ring, for a vintage look why not try the Ryder Micro pave eternity ring. Browse our engagement ring gallery to see some more of our micro paved designs. You can also share this article with your partner and hopefully they’ll get the hint!

5. The Pear Shape

Rare and delicate, pear-shaped diamonds combine sharp edges with rounded curves. With their teardrop appearance, pear-shaped diamonds are a good alternative to round brilliant diamonds and will elongate your fingers.  Take a look at how pear-shaped diamonds can look in different jewellery pieces. One of our popular pieces, the Pear Shaped Audrey Pendant, beautifully showcases and captures the elegance of the pear-shaped diamond.

Discover these trends in the Ryder Ready to Wear collection or get in touch with our team to discuss your vision. We can make it happen for you and let you ride the hottest diamond trends of 2020!