Valentine’s Day Diamond Jewellery For Your Loved One

The Beatles famously sang “love is all you need”. Although we definitely believe this to be true, some extra attention on this special day will make it even more of a memory to be cherished.

For a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, choose a piece of jewelry that matches her unique style. Whether you decide on a pendant, bracelet or a set of earrings, you’re giving a gift that your loved one will treasure forever.

Love comes in many forms of shapes and sizes – so do our Ryder diamonds!

Not every Valentine’s Day jewelry piece has to be heart-shaped, explore our exquisite Ryder Ready to Wear collection for several Valentine’s Day gift ideas below:

Audrey Pendant – Round Shaped

Whether you are experiencing winter in Hong Kong or planning your next beach getaway to an exotic destination such as Raja Ampat or traveling to a European city, this timeless piece of jewelry is one of Ryder’s signature pieces. The Audrey round shaped pendant is made in 18k white, yellow or rose gold. Because it is handcrafted, each pendant is unique with varying sizes of centre brilliant cut diamonds.

Find out more about our diamond sourcing, selection and design process and why our Ryder pieces make a statement for themselves.

Audrey Pendant

Audrey Pendant – Pear Shaped

Seeking to make more of a statement? Our Audrey pendant also comes in a pear shape. The Audrey pendant is a statement-making piece that can be worn alone (for those of you who are minimalists!) or coupled with a pair of earrings or a ring. We recommend spicing it up with other simplistic pieces below for that extra glow and sparkle this Valentine’s Day!

Pear Shaped Audrey Pendant

Coco Pendant

Want your loved one to look and feel stylish at all times no matter if they’re at work or attending a cocktail party? Our thoughtfully designed marquise cut Coco pendant is made in 18k white gold and hand crafted to be the perfect accessory for them to rock any outfit of their choice. Complete the overall look with the below Tennis Bracelet and you’ll be sure to make her look and feel astounding this Valentine’s Day.  

Coco pendant

Ryder Signature Tennis Bracelet

Our classy Ryder Signature Tennis Bracelet can dress up any outfit instantly. An elegant and stylish piece! This bracelet is a classic basket set round brilliant cut diamond bracelet set with quality diamonds in 18k white gold with a custom invisible clasp made of baguette and carré cut diamonds.

Larmes de Joie Earrings

Only happy tears allowed. If you want a pair of earrings to make her look and feel special, our sleek Tears of Joy Earrings feature pear shaped yellow diamonds that resemble wearable art. It is everything you need from minimalistic to a statement piece – explore this piece now for maximum style.

Fleurs d’amour Bracelet

Another easy and chic bracelet for everyday wear, the Fleur D’Amour bracelet (which translates from French to Flowers of Love – romantic we know!) is set with round brilliant diamonds micropave set in a marquise shape and bezel set in a round shape with filigree detailing.

This piece is available in 18k white, yellow and rose gold in two sizes - small (tcw approximately 0.90ct ) and large (tcw approximately 1.9ct).


Make your special someone feel extraordinary on February 14th and going forward with an exquisite piece of jewelry.  Each Ryder piece has detailed craftmanship and a story behind it. Not sure about what to get? You can also schedule an appointment to our showroom and we will be able to guide you through the shapes, sizes and fits that will appeal to you and your significant other!

There is an emotional feeling associated with finding something that feels like it was made especially with you and your loved one in mind, or when you find someone who “gets” you, just as much as you get yourself; and designs or picks something especially for you. This is the Ryder experience we provide.

See how this diamond ring was brought to life by one of our senior designer, Katie Feeney and expertly crafted by our in-house master jewelers. These are the stories we want to create with you, begin your Ryder journey with us now!